QUEST : Level up your life App Reviews

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Best app ever, everyone should use it. Awesome!

Amazing App

This is the best to-do list app ever! Its so cutie!

Swipe events are broken

Sometimes when I decided to create a new task or close some task, it doesnt works.

Crashes in the last update

Hi after I install the last update the quest stoped and dont open anymore HELLLPPPPP

Nice idea but problem with UI

I like the concept but guys.. Form follows function and the dark area to set your reminders is barely readable! The grey to black contrast is far to tiny. also please increase the size of the "add reminder" button as its too small to hit easily.

Potential to be awesome!

The idea is great - sadly it takes quite long to create & finish tasks due to the animations. The collecting of gems could also be rather optional (sometimes annoying when in a hurry). Whats really needed: sync across devices!!!

Perfect new Update of a Great App!

I just Love and use this neat todo list a lot!

Sehr coole, anspornende To-Do-App

I like this app and was looking for exactly this type of a to-do-app. The developer put much love into it and its worth its Price. Improvement idea: - Possibility to move your tasks into other List or Even better: A "Today"-List and buttons or gestures to move your tasks into the "Today"-List. Deutsch: Sehr schön gemachte App die auch gut funktioniert und mich als Gamer etwas mehr anspornt mein Zeug zu erledigen.

Really funny


Bug fixed

Funktioniert super!

Wonderful experience

This app is the perfect balance between great aesthetics, functionality, and fun. Love it!

What a productive adventure

This little app has helped me be more productive and keep track of my tasks no matter how big or small. The creature animation and the inclusion of inventory and monster diversity has encouraged me to keep coming back and completing my quests! I dont know what the next update will bring, but I hope the engineers of this app will continue to expand upon it. Keep up the good work! I recommend it for anyone who wants a simple but reliable to-do list.


Adds a fun, rewarding adventure to the simple "to do list" concept. Especially handy that it lets you set reminders, and that its available in the widgets menu.

Easy to use and fun

Who knew a reminder app could be fun to use ? Great idea !! A must have

Simple and fun

Great fun way to keep track of your to dos. Just fun enough, but not distracting from the task at hand. Great way to employ gamification.

Here are bugs you can improve

Thank you for creating this awesome app, and I find some bugs which is explained below. 1. Cannot press the button "Reminder Sound" "Video Guide" "Contact us" in the options. 2. Crash bug after making a plan and using other app. 3. Weired space in main screen device:iPad mini2 ios:9.0

Req: Voice input from Apple Watch

I want to add new tasks by voice input from Apple Watch! Could you please support this function from next version?

I cannot use iCloud Sync

iCloud Sync option is disabled.

Please do the iPad version

Hi. Please do the iPad version. I use my iPad for all the important stuf, so it would be great to have this app there. Cheers.

great app

fantastic app, simply to use. missing ipad and web version :(